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In a world where social media usage is at an all-time high and technology is constantly growing, the way we date and fall in love is changing. Especially considering we are currently living in a pandemic where the only way to meet new people is online; on a social media platform, or dating platforms. Tech is giving us new ways to connect with people.

A source suggests that online dating already accounts for 25% of new relationships and it’s predicted that by 2031 half of all new couples will first meet online. This then leads me to wonder why dating…

4 image squares of design work
4 image squares of design work

I always get DMs across my social media platforms about how I got into tech and design, so I thought that I’d take this opportunity to create this post about my journey thus far.

My journey started when I dropped out of my first college and decided to go to another one. I didn’t know what I wanted to do back then, I was just going wherever the wind was taking me. When I was enrolling at this new college, initially I had wanted to study Health and Social Care. Not because I enjoyed it or even knew what it…

Foundational is a platform that aims to empowering entrepreneurship. This is done by providing a platform that has, all-in-one Holistic Wellbeing packages for start-ups/founders .

The Problem — At a time where entrepreneurship is at its all time high, so are the stresses of running start-ups. Foundational aims to empower entrepreneurship by providing a platform whereby start-up teams can access holistic wellness packages, to keep their mental and physical health at its prime. Having the right mind for work means that teams will work more efficiently and be able to manage their busy work life in a healthy way.

Perola Da Cruz

Digital Product Designer — UX/UI | AR | Tech

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